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Since its formation, Information Technology Company, LLC (ITC) has pioneered the way in solving clients' real world IT issues with quality of service and sound technology.

ITC zKey

A solution for IBM ZD&T and zPDT users running in a virtualized environment:

IBM’s zPDT and ZD&T (Development and Test) system provides full and faithful operation of unmodified z/OS in an emulated IBM Z environment
on a cost-effective workstation or personal computer.

Ensuring authenticity and integrity requires a machine-readable zPDT license and IBM Z serial number for your zPDT or ZDT system.

This can be easily provided by ITC’s zKey appliance, a small (palm-sized), low-cost, ready to-run license key server. A “black box” Intel-based Linux system, it
includes 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, display/USB/LAN ports, and I/O capabilities customized for ZD&T.

Configured for ease of use and security, it requires little or no user interaction. zKey can provision licenses for several systems, multiple CPs, and act as EE webserver to centralize ZD&T operation.

zKey can be installed anywhere network access is available: in an office, alongside a secure environment server, or across the world. A versatile device, it supports local on-premises, remote, or cloud based zPDT and ZD&T systems. Once installed, it requires no peripherals and all maintenance, e.g., installation of license keys, can be performed remotely.

The zKey appliance can be configured and customized to your needs: