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Since its formation, Information Technology Company, LLC (ITC) has pioneered the way in solving clients' real world IT issues with quality of service and sound technology.

Data Center Services

Information Technology Company (ITC) provides a complete offering of services that are designed to ensure successful project completion and long term Data Center health. These ITC managed services are based on a fixed cost-not-to-exceed price that has been developed to control the potential for runaway expenses associated with a project of this nature.  The customer knows in advance the cost for project completion.

Guaranteed Successful Completion

The ITC managed services are guaranteed for a successful completion. Any problems that are encountered with any task or service is the responsibility of ITC.

We will work the issue until all problems are resolved and the desired results obtained. The task is not complete until the customer approves and ac­cepts.

This simple philosophy of responsibility and accountability assures a new level of customer care to all projects. The cus­tomer is always guaranteed that the task will be completed to their satisfaction, at the fixed price specified. No surprises or disappointments.

ITC services encompass a broad range of data center oriented tasks that cover every aspect of business operation:

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    • Hardware & Software Acquisition Planning
    • Requirements Analysis & Specifications Development
    • Data Center Pre-Installation Preparation
    • Hardware Installation & Configuration
    • Software Installation, Configuration, & Customization
    • Performance Analysis
    • Computer System Integration with Enterprise Infrastructure
    • Data Center Procedures Development

    • Operation, Administration, & Support Training
    • Remote Operation Control & Monitoring
    • System Hardware & Software Technical Support
    • Help Desk
    • Disaster Recovery Design & Planning
    • Data Center Relocation
    • Short-Term Staff Augmentation during Critical Projects

    ITC can customize a customer care plan that will provide the service level desired at a managed cost designed to alleviate the burden of full-time employee staffing. The best features of lower cost, 24×7 availability, guaranteed results, and complete control can be realized immediately with ITC Services.

    Defect Hotline Service Package

    ITC offers telephone hotline support to assist in the resolution of operational problems encountered with the installed hard­ware in your data center. This service covers the IBM z Systems and z Enterprise product families.  This support encompasses:


    I/O Facilities
    Operational, Administrative and Support Function Difficulties
    Failures encountered during the use of the CPU
    Hardware Configuration Assistance
    Maintenance Planning, Scheduling, Coordination, and Response Escalation
    Problem Management

    Onsite Assistance

    ITC provides on-site system administration and support activities for both government and commercial data centers and IT infrastructures. This On-Demand Service provides for a senior systems engineer available on-site at the customer’s facility as needed.

    This valuable service package provides world-class expertise for z Systems mainframes and all other IT projects.

    Operational, Administrative and Support function difficulties
    Hardware failures encountered during normal processing
    Hardware Reconfiguration Assistance
    Maintenance Planning, Scheduling, Coordination, and Response Escalation
    Problem Management
    Software Support of Operating System and Program Products
    Performance Monitoring and Enhancement
    Security Management and Access Administration
    Remote Monitoring Service
    Configuration Management


    IBM z Systems Mainframe Training Package

    ITC provides on-site training on the IBM z Systems mainframes. Training is provided for any IBM mainframe model. The training course addresses the following:

    System Power On and Power Off Procedures
    Hardware Diagnostics
    Error Recovery Procedures
    Installed features identification and location
    Startup and Shutdown Procedures
    Problem Diagnosis Procedures
    Backup and Recovery Procedures
    LAN Operation Procedures, if applicable
    Operational Features and Procedures
    Mainframe Operating System Console Use