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Since its formation, Information Technology Company, LLC (ITC) has pioneered the way in solving clients' real world IT issues with quality of service and sound technology.

ITC Products

ITC is a long time OEM to IBM technology. Beginning in 1995, ITC has been offering a unique line of custom mainframe solutions to facilitate deployable large-scale computing platforms that can function in hostile environments. From battlefields to Fortune 1000 corporate data centers ITC has provided cost-effective solutions to unique requirements.

ibm-mainframe-productsIncorporating the IBM advanced 1090 technology into the latest ITC branded products, the Ultimate Program Development Tool™ (uPDT™) for zPDT and ZD&T have broken new ground for mainframe users. These complete system packages, customized for each end-user, provides a ready-to-run mainframe development platform for IBM mainframe application ISVs and customers using Rational┬« environments. ITC has established a worldwide sales, distribution and support capability for this product line.

As part of the ITC security initiative offerings is a data encryption product for the zVM environment. VM/Encrypt-Tape™ is a high performance tool for encrypting data on the fly during a normal backup to tape operation. This is also a major component for the ITC Cloud Computing solution based on zVM SSI with zLinux guests.