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Since its formation, Information Technology Company, LLC (ITC) has pioneered the way in solving clients' real world IT issues with quality of service and sound technology.

ITC Company Information

nivo-slider-1Information Technology Company is a U.S. based corporation headquartered in Falls Church, VA with service and support offices in Marietta, GA, Houston, TX and Raleigh, NC.

ITC is an IBM Business Partner specializing in IBM mainframe technology with a full range of hardware and software products and services. Customer focus is both commercial and Federal Agencies including the Department of Defense. The ITC portfolio of expertise includes zLinux, zVM, zVSE and zOS and their integration within an enterprise.

Our History

ITC was formed in 1993 by three individuals possessing extensive experience with IBM in the areas of mainframe technology engineering, systems design, development, implementation, and sales.

ibm-z-systemsIn 1994, working with the IBM Fellow Department on the development and application of new technology for the offloading of mainframe processing to x86 based platforms, ITC became the first OEM to license IBM P/370 technology and independently develop a unique PCM solution offering for customers that needed a low-cost mainframe for enterprise processing.

Since that beginning, ITC has grown into worldwide mainframe services organization and distributor/exporter of IBM zSeries mainframe compatible server appliances and AGILE development workstations, while offering a full range of mission critical data center design and management services.

Service offerings encompass IBM OS system support, zSeries configuration specialists, zLinux implementation experts, data center management, operations and modernization, enterprise architecture design, FISMA ST&E, mainframe security assessment and forensic analysis.  ITC excels at using well developed organizational skills to establish effective policies and procedures to guide the IT enterprise and data center.

Business Segment & Capabilities

The company’s major operations consist of two basic segments:

Global Technology Services

Large Scale Systems Technology

ITC offers products and services globally utilizing other IBM Business Partners in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim to provide coverage for support activities.