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zDATA Appliance

zdata-applianceThe perfect building block for the creation of a simple, easy to use, data sharing environment to connect one or more Rational® Rational Development &Test (RD&T) Servers to an IBM® zSeries storage device. The zDATA Appliance provides the basic structure to move mainframe data, natively, between RD&T and the production data store. You can build a process to synchronize source libraries, test data, or complete volumes.


  • Autonomous – Direct access to the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) within an IBM Enterprise Storage Server® (ESS) or Shark at the LCU and SSID level. There is no direct participation by the zHost. RD&T can update files or volumes directly. Contention Coordination is handled manually external to the process.
  • On Demand – Function activation based on an SNMP message sent to the host or appliance and the RD&T Server.
  • Scheduled – Timer based activities within RD&T and the host or appliance.

  • Move complete CKD volumes from Rational to SAN, and from SAN to Rational RD&T Server
  • Small form factor, low power, minimized cooling
  • Highly portable, very reliable
  • Integrated 3390 CKD & FBA DASD logical volumes
  • Native FICON® or ESCON® attachment
  • Manual or Automated scheduling of data movement
  • Isolates and protects zHost data while providing controlled, arbitrated access to multiple RD&T servers
  • Low cost/low impact, simple integration
  • Programmable functions for customized applications
  • Native FBA and CKD Logical Volume Manager 3390 type support
  • Native AWSFBA and AWSCKD Logical Volume Manager Support
  • Data movement at file or volume level
  • Supports all access methods and all file types